ORBIS: An Agile Approach to Manage Regulatory Certifications

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With the increase in regulatory updates, the volume of documentation has increased to a greater extent causing serious impacts on various electronic products in the major markets of Brazil. Also, the sudden escalating rate of regulations and the growing expenses of non-compliance have brought major challenges to industries like Cellular, Mobile, Networking, Consumer Products, Storage, and Medical Industries. California based company Orbis Compliance identifies these challenges and offers its unique services to tackle them swiftly and with ease. “The high caliber of our people is the cornerstone of our ability to serve you. With decades of professional experience in product compliance in Latin America, ORBIS is the premier partner for manufacturers looking for a competitive advantage in the region,” unveils Elizabeth Perrier, the CEO of ORBIS Compliance. The company’s objective is to quicken and stimulate the time required to revenue in Latin America by accelerating the regulatory approvals for the latest products. It also helps its clients minimize certification obstacles and costs that originate from the requirements of numerous countries. The company has successfully built a reputation by serving leading global Fortune 500 companies and smaller manufacturers in regulatory intelligence, certification, and in-country support.

Certifying products in Latin America undergoes a convoluted multi-step process, but ORBIS Compliance consists of all the dexterity to simplify this process and methodically guide its customers to achieve success from the beginning of their projects to its end. Its personalized services and receptivity help the company stand out in the crowd. Moreover, keeping track of the operations is essential to prevent and eliminate any disruptions or errors during testing and importation process.
By dint of expert regulatory knowledge and a strong association with Latin Regulators, ORBIS Compliance delivers complete transparency through its excellent reporting abilities. The company allies with the most dependable labs in Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina an accordingly facilitates Safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), SAR DFS, Wireless, and Energy Star Product Testing. With an efficient engineering presence in all countries and first line technical support, ORBIS exercises a complete control over the time-consuming cycle of testing and that helps the company stand out in the crowd. It provides a ‘full guidance and support for the delivery of samples to Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and the rest of Latin America.’ ORBIS Compliance proved its uniqueness in the compliance market by addressing the challenges that one of its clients was facing. The client company’s experience certifying products was unable to provide the expected outcomes, and to that end, ORBIS Compliance came across as a reliable partner with the abilities to provide better expertise and support. With its services the client was successfully able to have an improved control over its processes because they received relevant and appropriate answers to its technical questions, and the swift monitoring of testing process proved to be beneficial for them.

With an aspiration to serve as a strong and strategic compliance partner, ORBIS Compliance is looking forward to strengthening the company in the upcoming years with enhanced and added features that can help offer efficiency to businesses and drive success swiftly and with ease. It will continue to help its customers reduces their heavy investments on the regulatory processes and encounter ‘simplicity in the complex world of regulatory compliance’ and develop new ideas that can cater to the changing needs of clients.